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Soleil d'Automne
White wine: A.O.C Languedoc

Nose :
Its nose gives off citrus and pear aromas.
Our opinion:
Wine assembled from : Grenache blanc , Marssanne, Roussane, Viognier
Palate :
The well-balanced palate begins full-bodied and fat but never falls into heavy oiliness because it has a good base acidity
Conservation :
May be drunk immediately, but may also be aged in a cellar 1 to 2 years.
Tasting conditions:
Recommended temperature 8°C. Drink chilled
Grape varieties :
Grenache blanc , Roussanne, Marssanne, Viognier
Degrée :
13.5% by vol
Soil :
Limestone gravel from the Hortus mountains
Acreage cultivated :
1 hectare
Grapes are hand-picked and sorted. Everything is done to limit production and obtain very sweet must
Vinification :
Manual harvest in the morning to gather the grapes as fresh as possible. The harvest is stripped poured into a tank for cold maceration with skin contact. After around 6 hours, the tank is free-run and the solids are pressed. The must is kept at a low temperature for 12 hours, the deposit is eliminated from the must, then the alcoholic fermentation occurs at 15°C for 3 weeks. No malo-lactic fermentation. The wine is racked. Bottling is done in March.
Cellar Price:
A bottle sells for €9.00, taxes included
What's in a name?:
“/Soleil d'automne/” is French for “Autumn Sun”, perfect imagery of the Indian Summer sunlight shining on the Pic St. Loup vineyards echoed in the golden robe of this delightful