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Les Drailles
Rosé Wine : A.O.C Pic St LOUP

Nose :
Floral notes are freed with complexity and freshness.
Our opinion :
Rosé of press wine from Syrah and grenaches varieties.
Palate :
Round and balancedd, with aromas of peach, apricot and strawberry.
Conservation :
May be drunk immediately, but may also be aged in a cellar 1 to 2 years.
Tasting conditions:
Recommended temperature 11°C. Drink chilled.
Grape varieties:
Syrah , Grenache
Degree :
13% by vol.
Soil :
Acreage cultivated:
0.5 hectare
Harvest :
Grapes are hand-picked and sorted. Everything is done to limit production.
Vinification :
Classic vinification techniques: stripping, crushing. 
 [The process of pumping the fermenting grape must over the cap--the floating layer of grape skins--during cuvaison.].
The grape harvest is stripped (removal of the grape stalk) and not crushed.
Grapes are macerated for 5 hours.
The must is left to settle at a low temperature, then fermentation takes place at 18°C for 12 days.
Cellar Price:
A bottle sells for 9.00 €, taxes included.