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Pas du Loup
Red Wine : A.O.C Pic St LOUP

Nose :
Ripe red berries (especially raspberries) and the garrigue.
Our opinion :
The wine feels like the garrigue (scrubland) in the South of France.
Palate :
Derrière la rondeur ses tanins assurent un bon maintien en bouche mais ne l'empêchent pas d'être déjà prêt
Conservation :
May be drunk immediately, but may also be aged in a cellar 3 to 4 years. ans
Tasting conditions :
Recommended temperature 15°C. Decant 30 minutes before serving.
Grape varieties :
Syrah , Grenache, Mourvèdre, Carignan 
Degree :
13.5% by vol
Soil :
Limestone gravel from the Hortus montain.
Acreage cultivated :
2 hectares
Harvest :
Grapes are hand-picked and sorted. Everything is done to limit yields and concentrate aromas and matter in the wine : grapes of appopriate size, removal af green grapes, etc...
Vinification :
Classic vinification techniques : stripping, no crushing, remontage (the process of pumping the fermenting graoe must over the cap -- the floating layer of grape skins -- during cuvaison)
Thegrape harvest is stripped ( removal of the grape stalk) and not crushed.
Separate vinification for the two varieties fillowing the same method.
the obtained must is sent into a fermentation tank at 25°C fot the Syrah and 30°C for the Grenacge. The mist are ventiled by remontage operations twice daily during fermentation phase, then once daily during the maceration phase.
This cuvaison lasts about 20 days. The "free run wine3 is then separated from the solids, or pomace, in a process called "raking" and the pomace id pressed to release the remaining tannin-rich "press wine", and the two are blended.
Malolactic fermentation can begin. Blending takes place in February. The wine is aged for 1 year in oak casks, and bottled at the end of this maturation. .
Cellar price :
A bottle sells for 11,50 €, taxes included.